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10 Essential Tips for Beginners

20 March 2021

1. Remember the hardest step when starting Martial Arts is joining in the class in the first place.

2. Always try to be at least 10 minutes early to class so that you can prepare and be ready when class begins.

3. We all make mistakes. Don't let mistakes define you. Learn from them.

4. Practicing five minutes a day, everyday, between classes will boost your personal development. Remember Practice makes Perfect.

 5. If you are ever worried, concerned or unsure, always speak with            your Instructor, they have been where you are. They don't bite!

6. Keep your uniform clean for every class, a dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect.

7. When bowing, ensure your. feet are together and your hands are by your side. This ensures you remain respectful. 

8. Your Instructor should be referred to as Sir or Ma'am. You can use the Korean: Sa Bom Nim if you prefer. This is a mark of respect. Never refer to your Instructors by their first name. All Dan Grades should be referred to as Sir or Ma'am

9. If you cannot attend a class or event that you have committed to, you must let your Instructor or the Event Coordinator know as soon as possible. 

10. Have fun! Your chosen Martial Art is your journey, follow your path.

It  is what YOU make it.

So enjoy it!

The MKMAKarate team

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