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Covid - 19

With Covid-19 restrictions easing, face to face classes are slowly returning. We hope to return to normal as soon as possible, safely, and in-line with current Government guidance. Keep your eyes on the website, Facebook page and Twitter for the latest updates!

Opposite is a handy visual scale illustrating our current Covid situation. This is in line with the Government recommendations.

Zoom Classes have now finished with Covid Safe indoor sessions resuming. Check the individual class pages in 'about' for more info or contact us 



See you in Class!

Yellow Alert Level

Green Alert Level

Badge MKMA.png

Red Alert Level 

Amber Alert Level

Alert Level

Red Level      - No face to face activity is permitted.

                         Zoom classes are available online.

Amber Level - Limited face to face activities may return. 

                         Zoom classes continue to run.

                         Children can be taught inside.                                             Pre-booking a class is mandatory.

                         Slight increase to class prices due to                                 purchasing of PPE and cleaning                                         equipment.

Yellow Level - Covid Secure Indoor classes may resume.                          pre booking is required Slight increase to                          class prices due to purchasing of PPE                                and cleaning equipment.

Green Level  - Classes may return to normal 

                         Zoom Classes to be reviewed

                         Normal class prices return

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