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What, Who Where?

Below outlines some frequently asked questions for new starters which we hope help answer any concerns or queries you may have

Q : How old does my child have to be before they start?

A: We generally accept children from the age of 6 onwards, there is no upper age limit!

Q: Is there a set starting date for beginners like the first of the month?

A: No, we allow students to start whenever they are ready. A senior student/Instructor will be available to introduce you       to the basics.

Q: When and where do the classes run?

A: Details about class times and locations can be found on the relevant class pages under the About the tab on the               navigation bar.

Q: Do I have to attend every class?

A: No, we recommend students attend at lest one class per week although many do more. 

Q: How much do you charge for classes?

A: We do offer a pay as you train at £8 per session but most students pay a monthly subscription to cover their training         and this works out much cheaper. These start at £25.00 a month and for this you can train up to 5 classes a month.             We also have family subscription packages available all with great savings on them.

Q: Do I need to become a member of anything?

A: All Students are required to pay a yearly membership fee currently set at £40 this membership covers both your                 licence to train and insurance costs

Q: Do I need to sign up to Everyone Active if I train at one of their sites?

A: In Short, No. We are an outside provider who hire space off Everyone Active so no membership is needed by our             students for them. You can still use their toilets/changing rooms etc.

Q: What do I wear for my fist class?

A: To begin with all you need is some loose jogging bottoms and a t shirt there is no need for any footwear as we train         in bare feet.

Q: Do I just turn up to a class?

A: It would be appreciated if you could contact us using the detail of the contact us page and have a chat about the             class your interested in attending. This way we can ensure we have an instructor available to support you during your       first class

Q: When do I have to pay for things?

A: Your first class is free after which you will have the opportunity to discuss continued training with the instructor. Sign         up, membership and class subscriptions are ran through our website with our personal details database running               through a system called Online Club Manager. Details of these will be given to you should you wish to sign up. 

Q: I've Completed my first class and wish to sign up full time!

A: Brilliant, Head on over to 'Sign Up' tab of the navigation bar and follow the steps there to become a full member.             Remember to complete every step!

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