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MKMA Joins The IMAA Kick Out Bullying Campaign

22nd March 2021

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MKMA is Affiliated with the Independent Martial Arts Association (IMAA) and has recently signed up to the IMMA campaign to Kick Out Bullying in Martial Arts!

According to a survey completed in 2020 on bullying ; 36% of young people have suffered from depression, 44% of young people have suffered with anxiety and 33% have had thoughts of suicide. These are just some of the eye opening statistics bullying is having on children today.


Through the Kick Out Buying Campaign we aim to ensure the Do Jang and the

wider MKMA family provide a bully free atmosphere where everybody feels safe

to come and train. We pledge to educate our students on the impact and effects

of bullying. We pledge to protect our students from bulling, providing support

and guidance wherever needed. We pledge to up hold a Zero Tolerance policy to

all types of bullying within our club and its members. Finally we pledge to treat

everyone as equal, with respect and dignity. 

The MKMA Team is proud to be able to stand up to bullying! This campaign holds

closely to our core values and we expect every member of our clubs to work together to uphold the pledge MKMA has made. Together we will Kick Out Bullying!



Written By MKMA Karate

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