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Martial Arts And It's Effect On Confidence

24th March 2021

Many parents are enrolling their kids in Martial arts classes from an early age. It starts out as teaching them about physical health and the importance of staying fit and regularly exercising, but there’s more to Martial Arts than being able to roundhouse kick a stack of bricks!

Various studies have reported that Martial Arts is a great activity for your kids. Not only does it help enhance psychological well being, regulate emotions and improve physical health, but it also helps to increase your kid’s confidence, which is extremely important.

Here’s how Martial Arts for kids gives them bulletproof confidence.

Better Emotional Control

Martial Arts involves carefully measured exercises and mindfulness. The aim is not violence; rather, it’s self-control, so when kids are training, they learn to control their aggression, hostility, and agitation. This emotional control helps kids to express positive and controlled emotions.


The self-defense moves and techniques that children learn during their martial arts training help them to develop confidence in their ability to make decisions about which move they will use to defend themselves. This helps to hone self-reliance and the confidence to make independent decisions – not just in the studio!

The Endorphin High

Martial arts involve intense training, which means the endorphin rush is at its peak during the sessions. Endorphins help to improve the body’s resistance to pain and also help to increase attention and positive mood. For your child, this means they’re bolder, braver and more confident as new challenges come forth.

The Teamwork

The teamwork involved in martial arts for kids helps to enhance their socialization skills. Children learn how to interact with individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities, giving them confidence in their ability to socialize. The support of the team also helps to give them a much-needed self-esteem boost that’s long-lasting.


When an individual lacks discipline, they’re unsure and less certain. Martial arts for kids helps to instill discipline in them via the gear, routine, control of body movements, and respect of the belt hierarchy. This helps children develop more self-assuredness and be on the top of their game in any situation.

The Sense of Accomplishment

Martial arts rewards effort by awarding belts or praises. This helps to boost children’s self-esteem as their efforts are recognized, making them more confident in their ability to progress further and work towards their goals with consistency.

Extract From An Article Orginally Published on August 13, 2019 


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