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Master Kindred Martial Arts Begins

20th March 2021

And so it begins... After months of planning, research and development. Years of training, sweat and tears. Master Kindred launches

Master Kindreds Martial Arts     MKMAKarate

A little history from Master Kindred

I originally started my martial art training in White Tiger Kung Fu back in 1975 with Sifu Bob Johnson at St Matthews Community Center located in Leicester City Centre, the training was very demanding, punching continuously for 15 mins sometimes, and after, 1hr of constant training. We would literally fall out the door gasping for air.

I then moved to the Japanese style of Kyokushinkai Karate with Sensei Pete Kisby, in Leicester City Centre. These classes were tough from day one. Hard training sessions again, it was a relief sometimes to make the end and finish the class.

Years later, in 1994, I started Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan with Master Anthony Johnson.

Initially instructed by Master Johnson, and training alongside my Brother, Master Paul Kindred ( 5th Dan ) in Leamington Spa at Newbold Colmyn Leisure Centre.

Classes in Leamington Spa and surrounding areas were very demanding, both in physical fitness and technical ability. No less than your very best would be tolerated in any class.

Master Paul Kindred went on to be my Senior Instructor for many years at Newtown Linford and Sport in Desford. These classes were of the same discipline, hard and very physical. Conditioning of the body was a must!!


Training in a variety of Martial Art disciplines over the years has helped me understand the technical and varied styles of self defence and fighting.

I believe that you only start to appreciate and understand these elements after training for a long period time, being instructed by some of the world’s finest Martial Artists, Masters, Sensei's and Sifu's 

Master Kindred Martial Arts currently has clubs in Desford, Alcester, and at The Croft School (pupils only), with future intentions to expand the knowledge and encourage all students to be the finest Martial Artists they aspire to be 

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