What, Who, Where?




Below outlines some frequently asked questions for new starters which we hope help answer any concerns or queries you may have

Q : How old does my child have to be before they start?

A: We generally accept children from the age of 6 onwards, there is no upper age limit!




Q: Is there a set starting date for beginners like the first of the month?

A: No, we allow students to start whenever they are ready. A senior student/Instructor will be available to introduce you to the basics.




Q: When and where do the classes run?

A: Details about class times and locations can be found in the student dashboard under the ‘classes’ tab. 




Q: Do I have to attend every class?

A: No, we recommend students attend at lest one class per week although many do more. 




Q: How much do you charge for classes?

A: Our classes are charged monthly and are inclusive of club membership which covers your insurance to train. ‘Class Passes’ start at £30 per month which allows access to 5 classes. there are discounts available for families!



Q: How do I get a family discount? 

 A: Family discounts are available on request. Please email mkmakarate@gmail.com. Discounts are available if 2 or more family members train with the club. 



Q: How do family discounts work?

A: Family discounts are provided in the form of discount codes on class passes. you MUST email prior to purchasing a class pass in order to recieve the family discount. 




Q: Do I need to become a member of anything?

A: Membership is now included within all class passes and there is no longer an annual membership fee. 




Q: Do I need to sign up to Everyone Active if I train at one of their sites?

A: In Short, No. We are an outside provider who hire space off Everyone Active so no membership is needed by our students for them. You can still use their toilets/changing rooms etc.




Q: What do I wear for my fist class?

A: To begin with all you need is some loose jogging bottoms and a t shirt there is no need for any footwear as we train in bare feet.




Q: Do I just turn up to a class?

A: It would be appreciated if you could contact us using the detail of the contact us page and have a chat about the class your interested in attending. This way we can ensure we have an instructor available to support you during your first class.




Q: When do I have to pay for things?

A: Your first class is free after which you will have the opportunity to discuss continued training with the instructor. 




Q: I’ve Completed my first class and wish to sign up full time!

A: Brilliant, Head on over to ‘the student dashboard of our website and sign up! From there you can set up a reoccurring class pass and keep training!