Our Story...

We founded Master Kindred Martial Arts (MKMA) with one goal in mind: Giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience whilst keeping to the true roots of martial arts.

Master Kindred Martial Arts has classes located in both Desford and Alcester. Our passionate and skilled instructors are here to help students develop and achieve their goals.

We study a Korean style of martial art with our main roots planted deeply within Tang Soo Do. We aim to provide well rounded martial arts instruction to every student, allowing each individual to progress along their own path, at their own pace.

MKMA is open to students of all ages and abilities. All instructors are trained in a minimum of Basic First Aid and are DBS cleared with insurance. We also ensure all of our instructors undertake specific safeguarding training and martial arts instructor training.

Master Karl Kindred has also furthered his instructor role by undertaking a ‘Coaching Disabled People in Sport’ qualification.

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Master Karl Kindred

I originally started my martial art training in White Tiger Kung Fu back in 1975 with Bob Johnson at St Matthews Community Centre located in Leicester City Centre. I then changed my discipline for the Japanese style of Kyokushinkai Karate with Sensei Peter Kisby, also in the Leicester City Centre, both disciplines were very tough from day one.

Many years later, in 1994, I started training in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan with World champion & Grand Master Anthony Johnson Instructed by Master Johnson, and training alongside my brother, Master Paul Kindred (5th Dan) in Leamington Spa at Newbold Colmyn Leisure Centre. Alongside these styles I have also studied, Jeet Kune do Sifu, Kwoklyn Wan,  and Zen Goshin Ryu

Whilst training every weekend with Master Johnson, I also trained twice weekly with Master Paul Kindred for many years in Newtown Linford and Sport in Desford in Leicestershire In 1999 I gained my 1st Dan under the guidance and instruction of both Grand Master Johnson & Master P. Kindred.

I started my class teaching in 1999, teaching both adults & children. This was at the request of my master whenever he was out of town. In 2006 I opened my first youth only class in Leicestershire, to give a balance to my weekly training schedule & gain more independent teaching experience. It was a privilege that many of those students, achieved their 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dan grades during this period.

Through the 27 years of continuous training with Grand Master Anthony Johnson 9th Dan, Master Paul Kindred 5th Dan & Master Griffiths 7th Dan, & teaching in the 2 styles of Korean martial arts – Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan & Kong Sudo, I have gained the qualification of 6th Dan.

In March of 2021 MKMA Karate opened its doors for the very first time. During the first year of opening, we achieved the Safeguarding code in Martial Arts Mark & evovled a full working syllabus that we teach & grade all our of students on today. Alongside these achievements we also became an affiliated member of the Independent Martial Arts Association and the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association.

Training in a variety of martial art disciplines over the years has helped me understand the technical and varied styles of self-defence and fighting, may it continue for many, many years to come.